Andrew Haswell Green Waterfront Park 

New York, NY 

A new waterfront park is designed within a dynamic and infrastructural setting along a segment of the East River Esplanade across from Roosevelt Island and below the Queensboro Bridge.

Andrew Haswell Green Park is a 1.1-acre, multi-phased waterfront project along the East River Esplanade in mid-town Manhattan between East 60th and East 62nd Street. The site is located within an incredibly dynamic, infrastructural setting below the north side of the Queensboro Bridge and east of the FDR Drive. The western tower of the Roosevelt Island Tramway straddles the overpass at York Avenue and East 60th Street defining a dramatic park entrance. The new phase of the park will saddle up next to the iconic and awe-inspiring 1994 sculpture, called East River Roundup, by Alice Aycock.


This project includes the rehabilitation of the existing overpass and ramp for pedestrian and bicycle access to the park’s esplanade level, the construction of a stepped marine platform that will support the terraced park and its plantings, a monumental staircase with pre-cast seating steps, and an expansive oval-shaped lawn area for passive recreational activities. The varying heights of the stacked seating blocks create both visual interest and opportunities to take in the sweeping views of the river and Roosevelt Island.


This work was completed while Project Manager at Abel Bainnson Butz.


NYC EDC with Jacobs and WXY Studio