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Croton Water Treatment Plant

Bronx, NY 

One of NYC’s largest infrastructure projects in history setting high hydrological goals for the collection, treating, and re-using of water on this 30-acre complex project site.

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Alison Duncan managed $100 million in landscape design and construction documents for the Croton Water Treatment Plant Above Ground Structures and Landscape, a DEP project located at the Mosholu Golf Course in the Bronx. This project is considered to be one of NYC's largest infrastructure project in history, totaling over 30 acres in site and $3 billion in construction. This project is the recipient of:


  • 2017 ASLA-NY Merit Award

  • 2008 Design Excellence Award from NYC Public Design Commission


The 11-acre driving range, designed to sit atop the below-grade water treatment plant, will be a performative intensive green roof, and will be one of the largest green roofs built in North America to date. The project set very high hydrological goals by collecting, treating, and re-using all on site water, including groundwater being pumped up around the water treatment plant, stormwater, and irrigation water through a complex system of water treatment cells, wetlands, bioswales, infiltration trenches, detention ponds, 3 green roofs, and other water features. The project entails over 60 walls, some gabion and others stone-faced, with each wall serving a multiplicity of functions from retaining land and water, providing site security, channeling water, and supporting architectural structures.

Aerial-Croton-Landscape-July 2016.jpg


This work was completed while Project Manager at Ken Smith Workshop: Landscape Architect.

Photo Credit

Alex MacLean

Dearwing credits

Ken Smith Workshop: Landscape Architect and Grimshaw Architects.

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