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Logan Street Courtyard

Brooklyn, NY


A multi-terraced courtyard is nestled within a new residential development with recreational programming, small gathering spaces, a vinescreen feature wall, plantings, and community gardening woven throughout.

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Located along Atlantic Avenue between Logan Street and Fountain Avenue, this 14-story, mixed-use residential project will provide 350 units of affordable housing and approximately 10,000 SF of ground floor retail/commercial space for the surrounding neighborhoods of Cypress Hills and East New York. The new building design is “U”-shaped, enclosing an 8,500 SF exterior courtyard within the building’s center. The courtyard has three main levels defined by a series of curving walls that retain planted and hardscape terraces easing the 10 feet of grade change from the lower to upper levels. A new pathway circulates at the upper level to a winding exterior staircase down to a mid-level, and a short ramp and small set of stairs connect to a lower level. Within this compact space, a variety of programming and landscape features are integrated, including a tenant community garden, a children’s play area with colorful safety surface and equipment, a mid-level terrace with a vinescreen feature wall and tables and chairs, small gathering spaces with seat walls, a lower terrace with picnic tables, decorative paving, and landscape architectural lighting components. A large sloped lawn with shade trees also offers a soft, green space for residents to lounge in the sun and a place to sit and watch children in the adjacent play area.


This work was completed while Project Manager at Abel Bainnson Butz.


Hudson Properties with MHG Architects

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