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Harlem River Waterfront

New York, NY

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At the northern tip of Manhattan, the North Cove Waterfront will be the first in a string of new waterfront parks to reclaim land from former industrial uses along the Harlem River

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Since the inception of the Special Inwood District of the NYC Zoning Resolution in 2018, this residential development project will be the first to be constructed and will include mixed-use retail and over 600 residential subsidized affordable units with a public waterfront park along the northern stretches of the Harlem River, an 8-mile tidal strait that connects the Hudson River and East River. The new public waterfront will improve neighborhood access to the shoreline via newly designed streetscapes with widened sidewalks for tree plantings, site furniture, and lighting. A shorefront refuge will offer accessible walkways, bike racks, litter receptacles, tables and chairs, lighting, signage, and a variety of seating typologies, including benches, sculptural seating elements, and a stepped terrace with social seating coves. Layers of seasonal plantings will include canopy and ornamental trees, as well as understory plantings that help to stabilize the shoreline and create enhanced ecological and marine habitats. This waterfront design sets high goals for site permeability within the Tidal Wetland Adjacent Area, including the deployment of various types of permeable paving strategies.

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This work was completed while Project Manager at Abel Bainnson Butz


MADDD Equities with Aufgang Architectss.

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