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2012-NRDC Greenroof-Plans.jpg

National Resources Defense Council Green Roof

New York, NY


This work entailed layout and planting of the new green roof proposed for the headquarters of the National Resources Defense Council on NYC’s West 20th Street. Planting ecologies include a Bee & Butterfly Garden, an Urban Agriculture Garden for fruits and vegetables, and a row of minor trees. The new green roof proposes to use Rainwater HOGS (modular tanks for rainwater harvesting) and rain barrels. A project challenge included weaving paved circulation and planting amongst an array of existing roof conditions, including: solar panels, raised skylights, stairwell shafts, HVAC systems, and the building’s large water tanks.


Working with Greensulate, a green roof design and installation company in NYC and LA, Alison Duncan Design prepared construction documents for a DEP Green Infrastructure Grant to build an 8860 SF green roof in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC. Planting area totals 3870 SF of the 8860 SF. Location of trees and planting zones were developed in consultation with the project's structural engineer so as to determine optimal load capacities on this retrofit green roof.

Design Team

Alison Duncan Design with Greensulate, LLC.

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