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NYC AIDS Memorial Park

New York, NY 

A dynamic proposal to transform a West Village plaza into a AIDS memorial and park organized around an array of above-grade and subterranean vessels of varying heights and transparencies dedicated to contemplation, exhibition and learning.


We propose a Verdant Vigil.


Verdant are the green spaces of the future park: the dedicated planting beds, the planted vessel atriums, and the understory tree grove that provides shade and sanctuary. Verdant speaks to nature, the living, renewal, and growth.


Vigil is interpreted through the lighted vessels that support a range of programs dedicated to the multiplicity of the AIDS disease narrative: from contemplation to exhibition to learning. These vessels collect daylight and are shining beacons at night. Vigil speaks to community, light, hope, and watchfulness of change.


Vessels of various heights and transparencies penetrate the ground plan to subterranean rooms while others soar to the sky and open to the light.


Design Team

Alison Duncan

Karla Van Duyn

Petra Mager

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