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110127-Rajaswa Site Plan And Elevation-S

Income Tax Headquarters Courtyard and Landscape (Rajaswa Bhavan)

New Delhi, India 

110128-Rajaswa Materials.jpg

K.S. Ranganath Architecture commissioned Alison Duncan Design to develop site design for a series of courtyard spaces for a new income tax headquarters in New Delhi which included plans for a lower outdoor courtyard, a roof courtyard, a sloping and perforated green roof, and new planting around the building and site perimeter. Incorporation of water at various levels and locations was used to provide continuity throughout the site. Water is be detained, re-used, and celebrated via formal expressions such as a large reflecting pool, misting features, detention basins, and irrigation. The landscape architect encouraged the architect to extend the tile roof panels to the ground plane to create a continuous parterre. The ground plane is to be perforated with planted inserts and rectangular pools with geometries based on the window perforations of the building's sloped roof.



Key Site Features Proposed:


> Building Roof to Ground Plane Parterre


> Lower Courtyard Reflecting Pool


> Upper Courtyard/Edible Garden Grove and Water Basins


> Perimeter Landscape constructed of porous paving, native plant species, and, drought-resistant grasses

Design Team

Alison Duncan Design 

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